Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Is Kate Gosselin sad and lonely?

Kate Gosselin may be one of the most famous reality stars. She can even be considered a celebrity due to the shows she has appeared on and the books written. Fame did bring Kate wealth. It seems she no longer clips coupons to save money on her eight children. Kate, like many celebrities, also found out that money can't buy good friends.

People who know her have said she doesn't have many close friends to confide to or just have fun with. The person closest to her is bodyguard Steve who is her main confidant. Kate Gosselin still continues to deny having a romantic relationship with her bodyguard.

Besides the fact Jon Gosselin is no longer in her life, she also does not get allow with her own family well. The supposed split happened when the sextuplets were on the way. The church her parents went to asked the fellow parishioners for any gifts or help they could provide for the young family.

When Kate reviewed what was donated she dismissed all the offered gifts due to such things as mismatched colors or the lack of "brand" name merchandise. This in return made the family, including her parents, look ungrateful and materialistic.

The places and businesses Kate Gosselin visits near her often comment that she seems cold and unfriendly. She does little to try to win people over and seems preoccupied with her appearance and career. Everything with Kate seems to be about keeping up an appearance.

Even the coldest woman needs friends. Hopefully, Kate finds some before she becomes even more jaded.

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  1. Even with all the attention Kate is getting, it's strange that she would feel lonely. It's possible her stardom changed things in her family.