Sunday, November 27, 2011

Kate Gosselin's Jogging Music

Kate Gosselin listening to her iPod
while jogging near her home.
If you follow Kate Gosselin at all, you probably know she is an avid runner. Her ability to look in great physical shape can be attributed to more than just plastic surgery.

Anytime she is jogging, you will see she is plugged into her iPod and listening to music while jogging. So, what music does she listen too?

According to Kate's Twitter Account, she listens to Pink, Lady Gaga, and Rhianna. She is also known to listen to Christian music on CD.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Kate Gosselin hectic Thanksgiving Day

Kate Gosselin was very busy this recent Thankgiving. Especially with no man in the house. Kate took to Twitter to tell everyone about the things she got done recently around the house - calling it her "Man2do list".

She didn't get into specifics whether she did the actual work or had someone else do it. Hats off though to a lady who can fix her barn/chicken issues, get her tractor running, reinstall a closet door, and get her cable working.

Kate continues to work for where she contributes a blog.

While Kate Gosselin had friends and family over, one person noticeably absent was Jon Gosselin. Previously, Kate said Jon would have the children this Thanksgiving. No word on why she had them instead.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Kate Gosselin leaves kids heads to Australia

Kate Gosselin left kids and headed to Australia
Kate Gosselin left the kids and headed
to Australia to play zookeeper.
Just four days after starting her new job as a blogger for, Kate Gosselin left for Australia - without her children.

The reality mom went to visit Bindi Irwin to celebrate Steve Irwin day in Australia. She was spotted today at the Australia Zoo in Brisbane with the Irwin family.

Kate was dressed up like a zookeeper but with flawless makeup and hair. She didn't look like the average zookeeper.

As of now, she is still in Australia with no know time of when she will be back with her family in Pennsylvania.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Kate Gosselin lands new job

Reality star Kate Gosselin is no longer employed. Kate announced on the E! channel she entered a partnership with where she will write blog posts about couponing.

Kate maintains she has always been a frugal shopper and used coupons. Her blog will discuss saving money using coupons, mostly grocery coupons.

She made it a point during the interview that her first blog post will appear Nov. 22, which is just in time for the holidays.

Although Kate has no new television or movie projects upcoming, she is staying in constant touch with her followers on Twitter. This week she was mostly discussing her plans to run the upcoming Las Vegas marathon, including what music she plays while running.