Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Is Kate Gosselin sad and lonely?

Kate Gosselin may be one of the most famous reality stars. She can even be considered a celebrity due to the shows she has appeared on and the books written. Fame did bring Kate wealth. It seems she no longer clips coupons to save money on her eight children. Kate, like many celebrities, also found out that money can't buy good friends.

People who know her have said she doesn't have many close friends to confide to or just have fun with. The person closest to her is bodyguard Steve who is her main confidant. Kate Gosselin still continues to deny having a romantic relationship with her bodyguard.

Besides the fact Jon Gosselin is no longer in her life, she also does not get allow with her own family well. The supposed split happened when the sextuplets were on the way. The church her parents went to asked the fellow parishioners for any gifts or help they could provide for the young family.

When Kate reviewed what was donated she dismissed all the offered gifts due to such things as mismatched colors or the lack of "brand" name merchandise. This in return made the family, including her parents, look ungrateful and materialistic.

The places and businesses Kate Gosselin visits near her often comment that she seems cold and unfriendly. She does little to try to win people over and seems preoccupied with her appearance and career. Everything with Kate seems to be about keeping up an appearance.

Even the coldest woman needs friends. Hopefully, Kate finds some before she becomes even more jaded.

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Monday, November 29, 2010

Kate Gosseln Talks about Twist of Kate

Here is an interview with Kate Gosselin where she talks about "Twist of Kate" with Access Hollywood back in April 2010.

Twist of Kate has yet to find a slot on TLC's schedule and is reportedly being reworked before its debut.

Kate Gosselin gets a manicure and a tan

Kate Gosselin looked slim
and trim this past Sunday.
Kate Gosselin took some personal time for herself yesterday. While Jon Gosselin watched the eight children, Kate got a manicure and a spray on tan nearby her home in Pennsylvania.

Kate recently dismissed rumors that her newest show "Twist of Kate" was cancelled. She responds that the show is being reworked and will be "lots of fun" once it gets the kinks worked out. Twist of Kate has Kate Gosselin traveling the country and helping out other mothers.


Friday, November 26, 2010

Kate Gosselin gets a job

Kate has a new job to pay the bills.
The millions made are nearly gone.
Yes. Kate Gosselin just got a new job. No. It's not a nursing job. She is the "special correspondent" for the show "Skating With the Stars". Kate reports for ET or Entertainment Tonight.

Kate Gosseline has recently confided in close friends and family she is worried financially. The millions she has made are nearly gone and she feels the stress. Kate thought she would be making millions more from her shows "Kate Plus8", "Twist of Kate", and endorsements.

While both shows are not canceled, they are not doing well. "Twist of Kate" has yet to find a home on TLC's schedule and is currently being "retooled". The endorsement are not there either. Kate Gosselin believed she would make millions endorsing diapers, strollers, games, and anything related to mothers and small children. That hasn't happened.

Kate Gosselin's latest child related bill is that of paying a private tutor to teach two of the Gosselin children at home.

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The two Gosselin children were not expelled

Kate Gosselin, who is also a correspondent on ET now for "Skating with the Stars", sat down and answered some questions with ET's Mary Hart.

On the report that two of the Gosselin children were expelled, Kates says, "No. They are being home schooled right now and hopefully will be back in school as soon as possible". She blames the pressures of the divorce and also the show as to reasons the children are behaving poorly.

She also confirmed that her upcoming show, "Twist of Kate", has not been cancelled. It is currently just being formed and put together better.

Kate Gosselin says her and ex Jon Gosselin have worked out the details for sharing the children this holiday season.

Kate Plus 8 episodes are still being aired every Sunday night on TLC

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Kate Gosselin Twist of Kate Not Cancelled

Kate Gosselin's show Twist of Kate is not cancelled as the past weeks of rumors thought. A spokesman from TLC confirmed that neither Gosselin show has been cancelled.

Twist of Kate has yet to debut and and no date has been announced to when it actually will start. What exactly is Twist of Kate? Well, Twist of Kate follows Kate Gosselin around the country as she helps women who were inspired by her own story. What would be the inspiration? How were they inspired?

This varies from here actually having six children at once, to becoming a celebrity mom, being a single mother, or being the business woman she has become today.

TLC first announced Twist of Kate back in April 2010 and episodes have been filmed. TLC has made no announcement as to why the delay in the debut. However, with the success of Sarah Palin's Alaska, they may be holding off to find a better time slot or day of the week.

Humbly, around the time TLC announced the Twist of Kate, Kate was quoted as saying, "I don't consider myself an expert on anything". She went on the say about the show she just wanted to be out there and help others and provide insight where she can.

It was back in April when Kate Gosselin was appearing on Dancing with the Stars and her star was shining. TLC may have wanted to cash in on Kate Gosselin being in the spotlight much more than the past.

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Is it PalinPalooza?

Its seems Sarah Palin is everywhere these days. From her new show on TLC to the new book coming out Sarah Palin seems to be everywhere. So let's look at how PalinPalooza is happening.

Tonight, another episode of Sarah Palin's Alaska debuts on TLC tonight. The previous and also debut episode of the series drew in nearly 5 million viewers last Sunday. Will those numbers continue to stay high is questionable, but with Sarah Palin in the news everyday it isn't impossible. Even the family members get in the news.

Monday, Bristol Palin will continue dancing on the hit show Dancing with the Stars. Although, Bristol Palin received low votes throughout the show from judges, she continued to stay on due to votes from the audience. This became controversial as some say a "Tea Party conspiracy is at work folks".
The whole Palin family has been in the news recently.
Its SarahPalooza lately.

Youngest daughter, Willow Palin, recently made the news due to homophobic remarks made on her Facebook account which were directed at someone attacking her family.

This Tuesday will also mark the release of Sarah Palin's new book America by Heart: Reflections on Family, Faith and Flag. Many wonder if this is another step in Sarah Palin's plan for a presidential run in 2012. Palin recently said he is feeling out the possibility with friends and family members.

Kate Gosselin's show Kate Plus 8 will follow Sarah Palin's Alaska.

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Kate Plus 8 Gets Dog Back

Welcome back Shoka. Shoka is on the left and returns to the
Gosselin family on the next Kate Plus 8.
In the next episode of Kate Plus 8 one member makes a return. No it isn't Jon Gosselin, it's Shoka the German Shepard.

Shoka was a previous point of tension for Jon and Kate as Jon accused Kate of not properly taking care of the dogs. The two German Shepards were taken back to the breeder and have since been trained. Shoka should now be able to deal with a number of people, kids, and cameras all around.

The next episode doesn't mention anything at all about two of the Gosselin children getting expelled from school recently.

Kate's statement on the children getting expelled is that it's a private family matter and she won't be discussing it with the press or public. 

Kate Plus 8 to Follow Sarah Palin

It looks like TLC is trying to keep Kate Plus 8 on the air. TLC has decided to follow Sarah Palin's Alaska with Kate Plus 8.

The thinking is that the millions who watch Sarah Palin will stick around to watch Kate after two hours of watching Sarah Palin. The two women are not exactly of the same cloth. Will Tea Party enthusiasts stick it out and continue watching? It's doubtful but TLC is at least willing to give it a try.

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Friday, November 19, 2010

Jon and Kate Gosselin agree to holidays kids

Kate picking the children up after school in Reading, PA.
Jon and Kate Gosselin have come to an agreement on how the children will spend the Thanksgiving holiday. Kate Gosselin will have the children Thanksgiving day and Jon Gosselin and his girlfriend, Ellen Ross, will have the children the following day.

It has been the first mutual agreement between the divorced couple in a long time. Although, no arrangements have been made for the Christmas holidays a similar agreement seems likely.

Jon Gosselin has reportedly tried to be more amicable to Kate and the children recently. Jon no longer has his New York apartment and currently lives in an apartment in Pennsylvania with new girlfriend Ellen Ross.

He has also taken to his twitter account recently to state his feelings of remorse and feels he has made some mistakes with his divorce and the Gosselin children. Jon says he justs wants to move forward in a positive light and be responsible.

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Gosselin kids made to eat week old sandwiches

How true is this story? US Weekly reports that Kate Gosselin makes the kids eat week old sandwiches.

Kate can't stand it when the kids don't finish their packed lunches and repacks the leftovers for the next day.
Jon Gosselin reportedly told the kids that if they lived with him they "wouldn't have to eat rotten food" all week.

While Kate seems to be frugal when it comes to food, sources say she might soon be in a financial crisis due to her lifestyle which includes flying first class and staying in very expensive hotels when travelling.

The ratings for Kate Plus 8 continue to slide. Could we possibly see a few episodes with Jon and Kate again? It could be a possibility.

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Twist of Kate Cancelled Kate Plus 8 Questionable

Kate Gosselin's newest show Twist of Kate is supposedly cancelled or to put it another way isn't on TLC's schedule. Currently, Kate Plus 8 will continue but is in dire straits due to its recent low number of viewers.

The last episode, The Alaskan Special, only attracted 1.3 million viewers which was only a quarter of what TLC was hoping for.

TLC has a current winner on it's hands with Sarah Palin's Alaska which pulled in nearly 5 million viewers for its debut.

In other Pennsylvania news concerning Kate Gosselin, sources say Kate has blown through millions and worries about future opportunities. The Secret World of Jon and Kate: The Stupidest Story in the History of the Universe and the People Who Covered It

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Jon Gosselin's girlfriend Ellen gives advice

Ellen Ross and Jon Gosselin
Jon Gosselin's current girlfriend, Ellen Ross, has a blog where she gives advice to others.

Ross explains that she doesn't have a degree or any training. She just gives advice based on her own experiences. Ross goes on to explain that she mainly gives advice on boyfriends and little dogs. She also sometimes gives advice on loved ones and how much fun dating a Gosselin is.

It wasn't too long ago that Ellen Ross wanted some workers at Taco Bell fired for looking at Jon and her. The employees also snapped some pics of the lovely couple who were going through the drive-through.

Maybe Jon is attracted to certain women. It seems Jon Gosselin really likes the bitchy,demanding type.
Ellen Ross and her blog Ask Away....can be found here.

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Kate Gosselin steps out to Fedex store

Sarah Palin and Kate Gosselin
Kate Gosselin was spotted in public. Unfortunately, for the reality mom, it wasn't at a movie premiere or co-hosting The View. Kate spent nearly two hours in a FedEx store making photo copies.

Coincidentally, Sarah Palin's show debuted the same day and will likely replace Kate Plus 8 due to the low number of viewers. Many comments on the web suggest Kate's moment in the spotlight is nearing an end and she may play a bigger role in the daily lives of her children.

Two of the Gosselin children were recently expelled from a private school in Pennsylvania for bullying.

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Kate Gosselin to home school children

Two of Kate and Jon Gosselin's children were reportedly expelled from a private school in Pennsylvania. Reportedly, Kate will now home the children. So we have to ask, whose fault is it?

The two children were reportedly expelled for bullying other students. Are the children spoiled? Do they believe they are better than others? More important than others. The thought of Kate Gosselin shows that perhaps Kate believes her children were treated unfairly. While home schooling can have benefits, like most things it also has weaknesses.

Socialization with other children is just as important as academic performance. Pulling the children from private or public schools can have a detrimental effect by the children thinking they can do what they want without consequences. Schools need to be able to discipline children in a responsible manner. Kate believes this is a private matter and won't speak about it. She was overheard telling the children they were embarrassing her.

Does she mean her as a mom or her as a celebrity. With the latest episode of Kate Plus 8 tanking, it's possible Kate maybe sitting at home more often just being a mom. 

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Kates Alaska Special Bombs

Kate Gosselin and her Alaska Special had only a third of the expected viewers her debut had.

TLC was hoping the Alaska Special would have a much larger number of viewers. Most of that speculation surrounds the fact that Sarah Palin's own show garnered a lot of attention in the past two weeks.

TLC may possibly replace Kate Gosselin with Sarah Palin if Gosselin's show continues to have a low number of viewers.  The possibility is there that America has grown tired of Kate Gosselin. It seemed to grow tired of Jon Gosselin much quicker.

Sarah Palin's Alaska premieres tonight at 8 pm EST on TLC. TLC has been heavily promoting the show. The show is speculated to showcase Palin as a down to earth mother spending time with her family while also managing a very busy career. Some speculate Palin is using the show with thoughts of running for president in 2012.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Daughter embarrasses Kate Gosselin Jon humiliated at Taco Bell

Is the divorce between Jon and Kate Gosselin affecting the children?

One of the sextuplet daughters was suspended from school for two weeks for hitting another girl. Currently, nothing is known what prompted the daughter to act out in this way but Kate Gosselin was overheard telling the girl she was embarrassing her.

Jon Gosselin hasn't commented yet on his daughter's outburst. He and new girlfriend are busy dealing with Taco Bell employees. Jon Gosselin and his new girl, Ellen Ross,were trying to go through a Taco Bell drive thru. When employees noticed the couple, they reportedly starting staring and snapping photos.

Ellen Ross reportedly wrote a letter to Taco Bell brass demanding the Lemoyne,PA worked be fired and also threatened to sue for being "harassed and humiliated".

No word yet from Taco Bell honchos.
Jon Gosselin and Ellen Ross love Taco Bell