Sunday, October 17, 2010

Jon Gosselin Violates Court Order by Tweeting concerns

Jon Gosselin may be in some hot water for tweeting some of his family concerns.

He recently tweeted that he wanted to "get his children off television for good".
Jon previously agreed to a court order that prevented him from commenting about his legal battles with Kate which also include the children being filmed for the reality show, "Kate Plus 8".

Jon Gosselin was tweeting about a recent court appearance on Oct. 13th. During this appearance before a judge, Jon wanted to keep the kids off television due to them "suffering emotional and behavioral issue from a lack of privacy".

Jon admitted he lost the 6 hour court session.
Jon Gosselin is Looking for Work.Can you help?

While Kate continues to make money off of Kate Plus 8 and her recent Dancing with the Stars appearance, Jon Gosselin complains he is struggling financially.