Monday, April 25, 2011

Kate Plus 8 Philadelphia Visit

Kate Gosselin and the children learn
about the Liberty Bell in an upcoming
episdoe of Kate Plus 8.
On an upcoming episode of Kate Plus 8, Kate and the children travel to Philadelphia. The episode scheduled for May 2, at 10:00 pm, show the kids and Kate learning about the history of the city and their nation. They also learn about the Liberty Bell, the kids get to pretend to be sworn in as President, and then everyone takes in a Philadelphia Flyers hockey game.

Philadelphia isn't that far from where the children live. It's approximately an hour away. A lot closer than a trip to Australia.

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Kate Gosselin calls New Zealand a nightmare

Kate Gosselin is not happy with her
recent trip to New Zealand
If you watched some recent episodes of Kate Plus 8, you got to see Kate Gosselin and the children vacationing in New Zealand. Well, that is probably the last time you will see Kate and the children visiting New Zealand.

Kate reportedly called the whole experience a nightmare, mostly due to the paparazzi constantly following and photographing her and the children. When, Kate and the children were visiting the zoo, she wanted the paparazzi removed from the zoo. That didn't happen as she was informed that since they paid admission to the zoo, they could not be made to leave simply because they were taking photos.

Kate also reportedly was not happy with her accommodations at the hotel and lacked any sense of humor. When the zoologist, at the zoo, made a funny comment about "men always being right" Kate gave him a dirty look while the rest of the crowd laughed.

On an episode of Kate Plus 8 she refers to the same zoologist as "Mr. Kiwi Man". Kate couldn't believe she had to endure "the same struggles half-way around the world just like at home", referring to the paparazzi. Kate could always get a real job like Jon Gosselin and that would soon end the paparazzi following her.

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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Kate Gosselin staying low key with kids

Kate Gosselin and the kids at the bus stop
Kate Gosselin has been living a low-key life lately with the kids near Reading, PA. She was spotted this week doing her motherly duties of getting the kids off to school. While taking the kids to the bus stop she was chatting it up with other mothers while waiting for the bus.

Is this a new Kate? Is she learning a lesson from ex Jon Gosselin? Will Kate have to soon buy bad chinese products from Walmart? Jon Gosselin is working a construction job near Reading and reportedly is glad to be out of the spotlight.

The recent rating for Kate Plus 8 have been sliding lately. The last show fell below the 1 million viewer mark and Kate Gosselin is reportedly worried her days of being a celebrity may be over. TLC has not issued any statements lately regarding the future of Kate Plus 8. They did say before the season opener they would "pull out all the stops" to make the show a success this season.

It would certainly be a big boost to the ratings if Jon Gosselin would appear for an episode or two. Currently, no plans are on the table or if Jon would even have any interest in doing any television.

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mondays Kate Plus 8 Falls in Ratings

Kate Gosselin is Worried as Ratings Slide
Kate Gosselin is getting worried as ratings
continue to slide for Kate Plus 8.
This past Monday's episode of Kate Plus 8 slid in the ratings. Monday's episode also fell below 1 million viewers, which is what Kate Gosselin and TLC were worried about. To understand what this means we can compare it to past episodes.

Going back to when it was Jon and Kate Plus 8, the shows easily averages 3 to 4 million viewers. When Jon and Kate announced they were divorcing, the show set records with 10 million viewers. After Jon Gosselin was no longer a part of the show, ratings slid.

This season, TLC said they would pull out all the stops to make Kate Plus 8 a success. Kate Gosselin has also doing a lot lately to promote the show and stay in the news. Lately, Kate Gosselin has been talking a lot about finding a new man - someone that is compatible for her. Including such things as they must "be Superman" in order to be in her life. Is this all about ratings? We will just have to wait and see.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Kate Gosselin and children hounded by paparazzi

Poor Kate Gosselin and her children were recently harassed as they tried to visit a New Zealand zoo.

A couple of paps from New Zealand learned of Kate and the children being present at the zoo. They then proceeded to hound not only Kate, but also the children. This led to a scuffle between a producer of Kate Plus 8 and the rowdy paps.

Of course, this was all caught on film and aired on last night's April 18th episode of Kate Plus 8. No one seems to be able to know how the paps knew she was there. Kate acted very surprised that the paparazzi would follow her all the way to New Zealand. Is this legitimate or just more scripted reality television in an effort to raise the ratings? What are your thoughts of the latest episode of Kate Plus 8?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Kate Gosselin feeds a crocodile Austailia

Here is some video from the recent Kate Plus 8 episode where the family vacationed in Australia. Watch as Kate Gosselin feeds a crocodile. As you might imagine, Kate is a little nervous but is accompanied by an experienced handler as she feeds the adorable little critter.

Kate admits the crocodile is gorgeous and then she proceeds to ask the handler for a hug.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Kate Gosselin stranded in parking lot with paps

While attempting to shop Saturday, Kate Gosselin got stuck in her car at a local grocery store. Kate's vehicle is push start but still needs a key and Kate couldn't find it. Not only that, she also couldn't open the doors to the car to get out.

She was able to tweet where she said, "only good part. grocery store parking lot with paps". Kate has recently turned to Twitter to show a more personal side.

The next episode of Kate Plus Eight is Monday night.

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Monday, April 11, 2011

Kate disucsses the perfect new man

Kate Gosselin reportedly has told a close friend of her's what she is seeking in a new man. Jon and Kate Gosselin both agree they have no interest in getting back together. Jon is happily in love with his new girlfriend, Ellen Ross. Now Kate Gosselin is looking for love also.

Kate says she wants a man who has the following qualities: patient, wise, persistent, understanding, seasoned, funny, honest, motivated.

Kate didn't say anything about liking children. Of course, liking children would have to be a given. Are there any men out there looking to start a family with eight children? Only time will tell.

Kate is also aware of men who may try to use her for her fame and money. Any possible man will have to be personally financially secure himself.

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Kate Plus 8 Ratings In Hold Steady

Kate Gosselin may be letting out a few deep breaths. The ratings are in for the season premiere of Kate Plus 8. The show pulled in around 1.3 million viewers. It may not be the 10 million viewers that tuned in when Jon and Kate Gosselin announced they were divorcing, but it is nearly equal to the last special in numbers.

If the number of viewers continue to stay steady, the show could benefit if it shows it has loyal viewers that tune in each week. Many felt that if the numbers drop below 1 million an episode this season, then it might be the last season of Kate Plus 8. So far so good.

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Monday, April 4, 2011

Kate Gosselin worries about getting a real job

With the season premiere of Kate Plus 8, we know of one person holding her breath - Kate Gosselin. Friends of the reality star say Kate is worried that if this season of Kate Plus 8 doesn't do well she have to save goodbye to her celebrity career.

The initial episode of Kate Plus 8 drew over 3 million viewers and then slid to a little over 2 million by the second episode last year. TLC insiders say that if the episodes drop to below 1 million this may be the last season. Kate Gosselin isn't ready to settle into any average, regular job at the moment like her husband.

Jon Gosselin is reportedly happy working construction and being in a relationship with his current love, Ellen Ross.

TLC is reportedly trying to pull out all the stops to make Kate Plus 8 a success. They are trying to show Kate in a different light and have her and the children do new and interesting things. The debut will show Kate and the kids camping - this time without Sarah Palin. Kate and the children seem to be having a better time compared to when they were camping with the Palin family.

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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Kate Plus 8 Sneak Preview

Tomorrow will be the season premiere of Kate Plus 8. In the season opener, the family is vacationing in beautiful Australia.

The children and Kate do a number of fun things including another camping trip in the outback, local cuisine and shopping, the children get some beach time, and Kate gets to do some swimming with the sharks.

Here is the trailer which gives a sneak peak of the episode set to debut tomorrow night on TLC.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Kate Gosselin misses Jon hopes for phone call

Jon Gosselin in his construction overalls
According to OK Magazine, Kate Gosselin misses her ex Jon Gosselin more than ever. Friends report that Kate is lost - professionally and personally - with Jon Gosselin in her life.

Sources say she still hopes for a phone call from her ex where "the old Jon will be back". Kate is starting to feel the pressure of single motherhood with eight children along with her show Kate Plus 8 turning in lackluster numbers.

After her divorce, and the renaming of Jon and Kate Plus 8 to Kate Plus 8, the show lured in over 3 million viewers on his debut. That number has sharply decreased by over 50 percent to around 1.5 million viewers.

It seems once Jon was out of the picture - and no couple drama - viewers tuned out. The show was now just Kate Gosselin and her eight children doing things and traveling places, like Alaska for example, which apparently isn't too interesting to viewers.

This season's premiere on April 4th will show the family, minus Jon, on vacation in Australia. They will be doing a variety of fun things like checking out local stores and shops, going to the beach, and Kate gets to show off her bikini body.

The notion of Kate and Jon Gosselin getting back together are not very realistic. Jon is now working in construction and is in love with Ellen Ross, his girlfriend.

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