Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Kate Gosselin and children hounded by paparazzi

Poor Kate Gosselin and her children were recently harassed as they tried to visit a New Zealand zoo.

A couple of paps from New Zealand learned of Kate and the children being present at the zoo. They then proceeded to hound not only Kate, but also the children. This led to a scuffle between a producer of Kate Plus 8 and the rowdy paps.

Of course, this was all caught on film and aired on last night's April 18th episode of Kate Plus 8. No one seems to be able to know how the paps knew she was there. Kate acted very surprised that the paparazzi would follow her all the way to New Zealand. Is this legitimate or just more scripted reality television in an effort to raise the ratings? What are your thoughts of the latest episode of Kate Plus 8?

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