Friday, October 16, 2009

Jon Gosselin smokes marijuana

Some people may believe that the reality show, Jon and Kate Plus 8, has become
a reality show train wreck If so, maybe Jon Gosselin is under a lot of stress.

Some people also alleviate stress by smoking marijuana, and it seems, so does
Jon Gosselin.

Ex-nanny, Stephanie Santoro, who of late seems to be very busy talking about
Jon, states that one day when she arrived Jon Gosselin was smoking marijuana.

In the video interview, Stephanie states how Jon didn't like the cheap stuff he was using.
The good stuff was back in New York with Hailey.

Party on Jon!

Is Jon Gosselin smoking potIs that a cigarette Jon? Are you sure?

Jon Gosselin hacks Kates email phone bank account

The trouble for Jon Gosselin seems to keep coming.

Stephanie Santoro's interview with has the ex-nanny stating how
Jon Gosselin told her how he  hacked into Kate Gosselin's phone and bank accounts
and also her email accounts.

Jon Gosselin's attorney states this is a total lie and that the ex-nanny is only doing these
interviews and saying such things due to being compensated monetarily.

TLC sues Jon Gosselin

Today, TLC announced that they are suing Jon Gosselin for breach of contract.

The suit which was filed in Montgomery County, MD states that both Jon and Kate Gosselin
have stipulations in their contracts regarding how and when they can grant interviews or make
public appearances.

TLC announced earlier this month that the show Jon and Kate Plus 8 would be retooled and
renamed Kate Plus 8 and have Jon Gosselin in a smaller role.

Within days of this announcement, Jon Gosselin barred camera crews from the Gosselin property
in Wernersville, PA and began a media blitz. During the media blitz Jon repeated how he believes
the show hurts his children and didn't want them to be in the public eye anymore.

Jon Gosselin's attorney, Mark J. Heller, has responded by saying the lawsuit is baseless and that any
contractual obligation Gosselin had with TLC was terminated when they renamed the show Kate Plus 8.

The production of the show is still suspended in light of the legal actions between TLC and Jon Gosselin.

Jon Gosselin on The Larry King Show stating how reality TV is not good for his children

Monday, October 12, 2009

Jon Gosselin plays with the kids

Jon Gosselin plays with the kids
Jon Gosselin outside his home playing with the children

Jon Gosselin played with his kids this past Saturday at their Wernersville, PA home.

Jon was hugging,kissing, and just having a good time with the kids.

It should be noted that he did this in plain view of photographers. Maybe Jon is trying
to change his image a little.

Jon Gosselin with a possible gift for the kids

Kate Gosselin files for child and spousal support

Kate Gosselin looking for both child support and spousal support.

Celebrity site TMZ reports that Kate Gosselin has files for both child support
and also spousal support from Jon Gosselin. The papers were filed late last week
in Montgomery County Court in Pennsylvania.

Kate Gosselin's lawyer also filed papers trying to get Jon Gosselin to return nearly
$231,000 taken from the couple's money market account.

Jon Gosselin has defended himself by saying the money he withdrew from the account was
10% which would be his salary.

Is Kate Gosselin nearly broke
Kate Gosselin is trying to get Jon to return nearly $231,000 from their money market account.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Kate does comedy on Jay Leno

Can Kate do comedy? Kate Gosselin did a skit on The Jay Leno Show this week.

In the bit, titled “MILF Meltdown,” Gosselin treats unruly paparazzi like her own kids, loading them into the car and sending some to time out until they’re ready to behave.

The bit was recorded Aug.24th in the show's Burbank, CA parking lot.

You can watch the skit with Kate Gosselin on Jay Leno below

Kate Plus 8 suspends filming due to Jon

TLC announced last Thursday the the filming of Kate Plus 8 was indefinitely suspended after they
received a letter from Jon Gosselin's lawyer barring entry into his Wernersville, PA home.

The letter was received the same day it was announced that Jon Gosselin would no longer be a
full time regular on the show Jon and Kate Plus 8. TLC also announced that the show would now
be called Kate Plus 8.

The new show would prominently feature Kate Gosselin as she struggles
raising 8 children as a single mom.

Some have speculated the Jon Gosselin took this step to be spiteful while Jon maintains that he
doesn't want his children to be on television anymore.

Jon Gosselin gets fired

What it may have been like if Jon Gosselin worked for Donald Trump

Jon Gosselin denies taking money

Jon Gosselin recently talked to celebrity site TMZ and denied taking $230,000 from an
account he shares with Kate Gosselin.

A judge will be looking into the matter in the near future to see if Jon violated an order in his divore
by withdrawing massive amounts of money from the account.

The interview with TMZ was taken while Jon was at LAX airport.

Jon Gosselin gives daughter a misspelled cake

Jon and Kate Gosselin cooled their animosity toward each other to celebrate daughter Mady's

The birthday was actually for both twins - Mady and Cara Gosselin - who both turned nine. The party
was held at the Gosselin's Wernersville, PA home. John reportedly was staying until the children went
to bed.

The only unfortunate incident was that the cake for Mady Gosselin was spelled Maddy. We can bet the children still ate the cake though.

mady gosselin birthday girl

Jon said him and Kate kept it cordial in regards to their twins having their birthday together.

jon gosselin's new job of serving cake

Jon Gosselin may have a future in catering