Sunday, December 30, 2012

Kate Gosselin and The Dog Mystery

Does Kate Gosselin still have her German Shepherds? That's the questions some of her twitter followers may be asking. Photos or sightings of the family dog, Shoka, have raised concerns that the dog either died or was given away.

The last known photos were in late October until just recently on December 17th. The latest pic comes with the caption from Kate, "Aw my furry one just came in for the by Mady; cute pose thanks to Cara (I was told to tweet this)."

Allegations of animal abuse rose earlier this year when a tell-all-book by Robert Hoffman, titled "Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World" was blocked by lawyers from TLC and Kate's own lawyers on the basis of copyright infringement. Hoffman alleged that Kate would leave the dogs in cages placed in the rear of the house without food and water for hours at a time.

Kate Gosselin has not acknowledged Hoffman's book directly nor any allegations of animal abuse.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Kate Gosselin to fund own TV return

Kate Gosselin has a new sausage recipe she will share with you.
According to the Huffington Post, Kate Gosselin is so determined to get back on television she has started funding her own pilot for a new reality show.

One idea Kate had was swapping kids with other reality stars like Kendra Wilkinson. Evidently, Wilkinson was not interested. Although Kate Gosselin and her children have name recognition most networks feel she has run her course on television.

In other Kate Gosselin news, Kate is willing to share a sausage recipe that her kids rated an 8 out of 10. Check out Kate Gosselin's sausage recipe. Ummmm! Yummy!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Kate Gosselin 'Dirt Book' Release Blocked

Poor Kate! A nasty book authored by Robert Hoffman, "Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World" was just blocked by the law firm Lavely & Singer for "intellectual property rights violations."

The book details Kate Gosselin's treatment of her children, Jon Gosselin, and how she views her fans - including how annoying one fan was who named a child after one of the Gosselin brood.

Hoffman claims he found an old hard drive of Kate's in her trash and was able to access a lot of information including a journal she kept. In one entry, Hoffman claims she really administered hard punishment on one of the boys following a temper tantrum in which the boy knocked over 3 high-chairs.

The book was released over the weekend on for digital format, but is no longer available. It isn't the first unflattering book showing Kate and Jon Gosselin in a negative light. The Secret World of Jon and Kate: The Stupidest Story in the History of the Universe and the People Who Covered It was a book released in 2010 and authored by Al Walentis, the book spewed out dirt on the Gosselin's including Jon cheating with the babysitter.

Kate was tweeting over the weekend how wonderful her weekend was and how she was in a great mood doing "normal stuff". Still no word of any new television show for Kate Gosselin.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Kate Gosselin Hate Tweets After Daughter in High Heels

Kate Gosselin got more than her fair share are posting a photo on Twitter showing her daughter playfully wearing her high heels.

While some people seemed outrages, some also viewed it as what little girls do with their mother's clothing - including high heels.

Kate vows that she won't let the haters get her down.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Kate Gosselin deals with sleepwalking child

Kate showing off her body to People in 2010.
Poor Kate Gosselin. It sure isn't easy raising 8 children as a single mom. Kate took to Twitter last night to inform her followers that daughter Hannah was sleepwalking.

Her tweet was, "It's always endearing 2have a sleepwalker! Hannah just came in my rm w asleep eyes said:'lex is using j & f' Me:hug,'okay honey,go bak2bed.'"

Well, hopefully Kate got some sleep last night.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Kate Gosselin at New York Fashion for Charity

New York Fashion Week

Kate Gosselin
took to the runway last night to help out charity. Kate was reportedly a delight to work with and was not compensated in anyway for doing her part to help out. The actual fashion show Kate strutted down the catwalk was "Real Fashion, Real Women" show.

The show helped benefit BottomLess Closet, which helps disadvantaged women become self-sufficient.

The organizers of the show said their was an immediate backlash on Twitter once it was announced Kate Gosselin would be participating. However, the backlash died down after the organizers informed the complainers that Kate was doing this for charity and did not receive a penny.

By more than one account, The "New Kate Gosselin" is a pleasure to work with and will go out of her way to accommodate those she is working with.

A local radio station, T-102, in Reading, PA remarked how she was very friendly when they last worked with her.

Kate is still shopping a new show idea around to several networks. Her current idea is a reality show where she tries to find true love. No network so far has shown any solid interest.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Kate Gosselin Shopping Reality Dating Show

Kate Gosselin, known to most for Jon and Kate Plus 8, and then later Kate Plus 8, is looking to get back on reality television.

Kate has presented a new show to a number of networks where the cameras follow her as she looks for Mr. Right. Kate could certainly use the show - and the money - since Kate Plus 8 was cancelled by TLC.

Kate also told People magazine that the "children really miss being in front of the cameras" and ask when they are coming back.

So far, no network has indicated any interest in Kate's idea for a new dating show featuring her.

In other Kate Gosselin news, Kate was not asked to come back for the Dancing with The Stars All-Stars.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Back to School Shopping Tips from Kate Gosselin

Kate Gosselin has some back-to-school shopping
tips for you.

In a few weeks in Pennsylvania, we here will be sending our children back to school. So, who better to give you some tips for back-to-school shopping than Kate Gosselin.

With eight children of her own, she knows how to stretch a dollar and get more bang for the buck.

Check out Kate Gosselin's back-to-school shopping tips.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Kate Gosselin Ready to Rock N Roll Marathon

This Sunday in Chicago, Kate Gosselin will be running a mini-marathon known as XSport Fitness Rock 'N' Roll Chicago Half Marathon. The run is just over 3 miles and also features bands on stage during the festivities.

Kate Gosselin spoke to the Chicago Tribune over the phone and explained how she got into running about 2 years ago. Running is a great inexpensive workout that also allows her to have time to herself. She doesn't get much "alone time".

When asked how she will prepares or what her prerace traditions are, Kate said, "The night before the race, I eat plain mashed potatoes for that carb load,” she will be running for, a shopping website that hosts a blog she writes. “And the morning of the race, I eat a bagel with cream cheese. It's what I did before San Diego and it worked perfectly.”

She finished the marathon in San Diego in under two hours.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Kate Gosselin Misses Television

Kate Gosselin has been crying
recently from watching old
Jon and Kate Plus 8 episodes.
Kate Gosselin has been tweeting lately about how she and the kids miss being on television.

Kate tweeted recently that she really "enjoyed all the adventures and helping people" when she had her reality show. She might also be missing the lucrative money she made from Kate Plus 8.

Kate informed the world she sat around today watching old shows of Jon and Kate Plus 8. She wasn't just watching the shows but informed all her Twitter followers she was crying "happy and sad tears".

As of now, the only known occupation Kate has is blogging for No one knows exactly what that pays, but it probably doesn't go too far with 8 children.
Her gig with the cruise ship fell through in May due to a lack of interest.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Octomom Vs Kate Gosselin

"Pregnancy Belt in Black and Green"Octomom, Nadya Suleman, thought originally she could cash in on having eight children in a similar fashion as Kate Gosselin. When she finally concluded that this wasn't going to happen she entered the porn world.

While Kate Gosselin has been accused of using her eight children to become a celebrity, Kate was married and gainfully employed when she conceived her six children with ex Jon Gosselin.

Octomom intentionally set out to become pregnant with eight children. She already had six children and had no marketable skills or job to support the children she already had. Her own mother even spoke out against her saying the six children she had were already too much for both of them to handle.

This didn't stop Nadya from her desire to become a "celebrity". She thought by having a massive brood she could be the next "celebrity mom" with her own reality show.

Suleman did get an appearance on The Howard Stern Show where she proceeded to degrade herself more, yet seemed to enjoy all the attention. It is not hard to see, she may have some type of personality disorder.

So, although some may not like Kate Gosselin, she certainly can't be compared to Octomom in any way.

Here is an interview with Octomom on the Today Show.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Kate Gosselin cancels cruise event due to low sales

Take a cruise with Kate Gosselin and Royal Caribbean
Kate Gosselin has cancelled her planned "Reality Mom" cruise with Royal Caribbean due to low sales.

It was planned for this summer, but with ticket prices between $1900 and $3,175, it seems most people decided to stay home.

A rep from Royal Caribbean has confirmed the event has been cancelled  All passes were refunded and a spokesperson says that Kate Gosselin called each ticket holder and sincerely apologized for the cancellation. Both Kate Gosselin and Royal Caribbean agreed on cancelling the event.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Kate Gosselin to release new cookbook

Kate Gosselin may share some of her healthy
in an upcoming cookbook.
While some fans may want to see Kate Gosselin back on television, they may get the next best thing - a new Kate Gosselin cookbook. Kate has been writing for a while on her blog and one of her tidbits is "Menu Monday".

Kate is a fan of using the freshest ingredients possible and making tasty, healthy dishes. While Kate says the book will be released sometimes in the future, there is no official release date or word of who is publishing the book.

Kate continues to blog on and using her twitter account. A former cookbook was to be released in 2009 by a Christian publisher, but with the divorce happening it was cancelled for release. It was later released to foreign markets only. Sales were lackluster.

The EatingWell Healthy in a Hurry Cookbook: 150 Delicious Recipes for Simple, Everyday Suppers in 45 Minutes or Less

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Jon and Kate Gosselin doing their best to co-parent

Jon Gosselin recently told US Weekly that he and Kate Gosselin are doing their best to co-parent their 8 children. At one time, Jon was responsible for $22,000 a month in child support when the couple divorced in 2009.

Jon did stay in the headlines due to the divorce and at one time was dating Kate Major. Kate Major later went on to dating Michael Lohan. Remember, when Michael Lohan challenged Jon Gosselin to a boxing match, with the proceeds to go to charity. Ah! the good old days.

Jon has since settled into a "normal guy" lifestyle working construction. As he told US Weekly, "I'm just a country boy from Pennsylvania". Jon also recently split up with girlfriend Ellen Ross and has been dating.

US Weekly spoke to Jon Gosselin while he was attending SVEDKA Night of a Billion Reality Stars in Los Angeles.
Wednesday Evenings And Every Other Weekend: From Divorced Dad To Competent Co-ParentJon Gosselin gets parenting advice

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Kate Gosselin uses CouponCabin blog to address negative DWTS comments

Kate Gosselin responds to negative comments on Anderson Cooper show
Kate Gosselin and Tony Dovolani in better times
while they competed on DWTS.

Kate Gosselin used her Coupon Cabin blog to respond to negative comments made by Anderson Cooper when her dance partner, Tony Dovolani, was on the show.

While joking on the show, Cooper made the remark that Tony required therapy after the show. Kate responded with a response in which she is disappointed that Tony feels that way, considering they spent hours together rehearsing for the show, yet, understands she wasn't the best dancer on the show and didn't give him a lot to work with.

She also calls out Anderson Cooper, suggesting that if he would do the show his outlook would be a lot different. Here is the interview with Tony Dovolani below.

Dance Lessons 101: The Basics and Beyond

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Happy 37th Birtthday Kate Gosselin

Happy Birthday! to our favorite tv mom, Kate Gosselin turns 37 this Wednesday.

So what will Kate be doing for her birthday. No news yet, but some ideas may included a small birthday party with her children, heading to NYC to buy some shoes, or making a wish for a new reality show.

Will Kate blow out all the candles and what would she wish for?

Some reports say Kate Gosselin is getting low on cash. What that really means is that she may no longer be able to live a lifestyle she has become accustomed to living by. Although, she is a blogger at, clipping coupons can only take you so far.

In some other Kate Gosselin News, Kate has started tweeting with Jon Gosselin's ex Hailey Glassman. They have been sharing recipes on Twitter including once for "Monkey Munch". Hailey broke up with Jon Gosselin in 2009.

Evidently, this may have hit a raw never with Jon Gosselin as he and Kate are now in a Twitter War, with both having to deal with harsh comments from followers and much name calling at each other.

The Social Network Business Plan: 18 Strategies That Will Create Great Wealth

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Kate Gosselin to be running shoe designer?

Would you wear running shoes designed by Kate Gosselin

The celebrity mom recently tweeted that she would love to have the opportunity to design running shoes. Kate started running avidly shorty after her divorce from Jon Gosselin. Just recently she competed in a Las Vegas marathon.

While no one has contacted her on the possibility of creating her own shoe line, Kate has been shopping around trying to land a possible gig on XM Radio. The show would be Kate giving relationship advice.

Its been reported that Kate has been having money problems and recently hosted a Royal Caribbean cruise. She wasn't really happy with the idea of hanging out with complete strangers but did it for the money and a much needed vaction.

Kate is still blogging over at Check her out to get some great deals on coupons

Monday, February 20, 2012

Kate Gosselin Mourns Whitney Houston

Kate Gosseling can't concentrate due to Whitney Houston dying

Kate Gosselin continues to tweet to her fans. She has lately been discussing how hard it is to concentrate due to the passing of Whitney Houston. As Kate puts it, "woke up this morning with her on my mind". Kate continues that she grew up listening to Whitney.

"Her music always gave me chills and tears". She also told Whitney to "R.I.P. I will always love you.

In other Kate Gosselin news, Kate was in New York to get her hair done. No word on if she had any business there, but it didn't look like it. Rumors have been floating around that Kate has a new man in her life. No photos or names for now.