Saturday, April 7, 2012

Jon and Kate Gosselin doing their best to co-parent

Jon Gosselin recently told US Weekly that he and Kate Gosselin are doing their best to co-parent their 8 children. At one time, Jon was responsible for $22,000 a month in child support when the couple divorced in 2009.

Jon did stay in the headlines due to the divorce and at one time was dating Kate Major. Kate Major later went on to dating Michael Lohan. Remember, when Michael Lohan challenged Jon Gosselin to a boxing match, with the proceeds to go to charity. Ah! the good old days.

Jon has since settled into a "normal guy" lifestyle working construction. As he told US Weekly, "I'm just a country boy from Pennsylvania". Jon also recently split up with girlfriend Ellen Ross and has been dating.

US Weekly spoke to Jon Gosselin while he was attending SVEDKA Night of a Billion Reality Stars in Los Angeles.
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  1. How I wish there will be another boxing match again between Jon and Michael Lohan, of course for the sake of charity event.

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