Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Kate Gosselin dating again?

We all know by now that Kate Gosselin was celebrating her birthday a little early this past weekend. What wasn't known until now is that Kate is also looking to date some men.

When Kate was partying at STK, she had a camera crew and chatted up a number of men in the club. Was she doing this because she truly is interested in a new love or is it just for her show Kate Plus 8. Kate was dolled up and looking fit and tone in a tight black mini dress. Her smile showing for the cameras and paps and a few select men in the club.
Kate Gosselin strutting her stuff at STK

Kate hasn't been linked to anyone since her split and divorce from Jon Gosselin. Although rumors of a relationship with bodyguard, Steve Neild, have been thrown around since the early rumblings of divorce, neither Kate Gosselin or Neild have confirmed it. Jon Gosselin was suspicious of their relationship and accused Kate of cheating.

It is possible Kate had the crew film her for an upcoming episode of Kate Plus 8, which starts April 4th. 

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