Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Jon & Kate in 2011

Jon & Kate will continue to live their lives just like anyone else in 2011. While Jon Gosselin continues working a regular job and is happy to be out of the spotlight, Kate Gosselin continues to work in the celebrity spotlight.

Kate Gosselin and the children will continue with their hit show Kate Plus 8 on TLC and has some other projects lined up for 2011. She has currently accepted a role on the show, The Vampire Diaries.

It wouldn't be out of the question for Kate and the kids to make another appearance on Sarah Palin's Alaska if TLC believes they can get ratings up. Sources in TLC say this may be the final season of Kate Plus 8.

Viewership has declined since the split with Jon Gosselin. Although, recent rumors speculated that Kate and Jon were possibly getting back together, people speaking on behalf of both parties say they have no interest in getting back together. They will continue to act civilly for the sake of the children and speak positively of each other.


  1. I started watching the show because I thought it was interesting on how a mom handles raising 8 kids. However between trips and nannies I see she is no different than any other famous person and as a viewer of what used to be intersting and real just got old boring and washed up..oh well tlc will find another family I'm sure..I. would like to add me not watching the show had nothing to do with the divorce. I think my life and that of my friends are more interesting than hers.I would love to see more of the sahm type stuff it used to be(just hanging out playing around and mom being mom and kids being kids)more of the day to day stuff imo.

  2. looks like she wants have so many nannies and help soon. no money equals no extra help.