Sunday, January 20, 2013

Is Kate Gosselin Really 'Happy and Healthy'?

With no job or new gig in the foreseeable future, Kate Gosselin continues to tweet daily. In one of her latest tweets, she continues to tell all her followers how "lucky she is" to have the energy and health to take care of her eight children by herself.

Kate was fired from her blogging job at back in October due to being "too demanding".

Kate has really been trying hard lately to come off as likeable and friendly. Her reputation in the past, while she still had a tv show, was that of a temperamental diva who only would accept the best. Critics point out that she is less than honest when it comes to her true feelings. This would include her relationship with her ex Jon Gosselin, as well as her relationship with her own parents - which is described as strained.

Will Kate come clean and tell us how she really feels? It can't be easy raising eight children by yourself with no current employment or weekly check coming in.