Thursday, April 7, 2011

Kate Plus 8 Ratings In Hold Steady

Kate Gosselin may be letting out a few deep breaths. The ratings are in for the season premiere of Kate Plus 8. The show pulled in around 1.3 million viewers. It may not be the 10 million viewers that tuned in when Jon and Kate Gosselin announced they were divorcing, but it is nearly equal to the last special in numbers.

If the number of viewers continue to stay steady, the show could benefit if it shows it has loyal viewers that tune in each week. Many felt that if the numbers drop below 1 million an episode this season, then it might be the last season of Kate Plus 8. So far so good.

Jon and Kate Plus Ei8ht: Season Three


  1. Kate will eventually fall below 1m in the
    Ratings. Her ratings just keep getting
    And lower. I used to watch just to see
    her train wreck unfold. Now I can't even
    watch her anymore. Hope she has kept
    Up the nursing license. A year from now
    she will need it!

  2. I second that. A real job for Kate will be needed in the future.

  3. I bet Jon Gosselin is really happier these days than when he was married to Kate.

    Remember when it seemed like Jon was the jackass of the two. Now he seems like he is perfectly happy just being a working guy and father. TEAM JON!

  4. I don't know who can watch this show and watch the so called 'mother" treat her kids like crap all for material can tell the minute the cameras are off she is a self centered bioatch.....who watches this any more.....can't wait to see her as the cashier at the local gas and go!

  5. sorry to say this ( and it makes me sick!) once her show is canceled. and, it won't be long now... kate will do anything to be on tv.... after all, she thinks she is a celebrity ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha