Saturday, April 23, 2011

Kate Gosselin staying low key with kids

Kate Gosselin and the kids at the bus stop
Kate Gosselin has been living a low-key life lately with the kids near Reading, PA. She was spotted this week doing her motherly duties of getting the kids off to school. While taking the kids to the bus stop she was chatting it up with other mothers while waiting for the bus.

Is this a new Kate? Is she learning a lesson from ex Jon Gosselin? Will Kate have to soon buy bad chinese products from Walmart? Jon Gosselin is working a construction job near Reading and reportedly is glad to be out of the spotlight.

The recent rating for Kate Plus 8 have been sliding lately. The last show fell below the 1 million viewer mark and Kate Gosselin is reportedly worried her days of being a celebrity may be over. TLC has not issued any statements lately regarding the future of Kate Plus 8. They did say before the season opener they would "pull out all the stops" to make the show a success this season.

It would certainly be a big boost to the ratings if Jon Gosselin would appear for an episode or two. Currently, no plans are on the table or if Jon would even have any interest in doing any television.

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  1. She should get used to staying at home. Looks like the show is about over.

    Time for her to go back to nursing and being a real mom. Queen Kate will be shopping the Dollar General and Aldi's within two years.

  2. Back to the hospital. Eating the horrible cafeteria food and waiting in line at the bank on fridays. Why God? Why?

  3. bye bye ...FINALLY