Friday, April 1, 2011

Kate Gosselin misses Jon hopes for phone call

Jon Gosselin in his construction overalls
According to OK Magazine, Kate Gosselin misses her ex Jon Gosselin more than ever. Friends report that Kate is lost - professionally and personally - with Jon Gosselin in her life.

Sources say she still hopes for a phone call from her ex where "the old Jon will be back". Kate is starting to feel the pressure of single motherhood with eight children along with her show Kate Plus 8 turning in lackluster numbers.

After her divorce, and the renaming of Jon and Kate Plus 8 to Kate Plus 8, the show lured in over 3 million viewers on his debut. That number has sharply decreased by over 50 percent to around 1.5 million viewers.

It seems once Jon was out of the picture - and no couple drama - viewers tuned out. The show was now just Kate Gosselin and her eight children doing things and traveling places, like Alaska for example, which apparently isn't too interesting to viewers.

This season's premiere on April 4th will show the family, minus Jon, on vacation in Australia. They will be doing a variety of fun things like checking out local stores and shops, going to the beach, and Kate gets to show off her bikini body.

The notion of Kate and Jon Gosselin getting back together are not very realistic. Jon is now working in construction and is in love with Ellen Ross, his girlfriend.

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