Monday, April 4, 2011

Kate Gosselin worries about getting a real job

With the season premiere of Kate Plus 8, we know of one person holding her breath - Kate Gosselin. Friends of the reality star say Kate is worried that if this season of Kate Plus 8 doesn't do well she have to save goodbye to her celebrity career.

The initial episode of Kate Plus 8 drew over 3 million viewers and then slid to a little over 2 million by the second episode last year. TLC insiders say that if the episodes drop to below 1 million this may be the last season. Kate Gosselin isn't ready to settle into any average, regular job at the moment like her husband.

Jon Gosselin is reportedly happy working construction and being in a relationship with his current love, Ellen Ross.

TLC is reportedly trying to pull out all the stops to make Kate Plus 8 a success. They are trying to show Kate in a different light and have her and the children do new and interesting things. The debut will show Kate and the kids camping - this time without Sarah Palin. Kate and the children seem to be having a better time compared to when they were camping with the Palin family.

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  1. oh my! she might have to get a real job. her kids my benefit if she wasn't always flying all over the place and doing interviews.

  2. Nobody cares anymore about Kate. Rumour has it Kate and TLC Exec Eileen O'Neill are secret Lesbian Lovers and this is why TLC won't let go of talentless Kate. I say...cut the crap and let her go get a Real Job.

  3. the kids seemed to have a perfectly good time with the Palin family. It was Kate who was a pain in everybody's butt.