Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mondays Kate Plus 8 Falls in Ratings

Kate Gosselin is Worried as Ratings Slide
Kate Gosselin is getting worried as ratings
continue to slide for Kate Plus 8.
This past Monday's episode of Kate Plus 8 slid in the ratings. Monday's episode also fell below 1 million viewers, which is what Kate Gosselin and TLC were worried about. To understand what this means we can compare it to past episodes.

Going back to when it was Jon and Kate Plus 8, the shows easily averages 3 to 4 million viewers. When Jon and Kate announced they were divorcing, the show set records with 10 million viewers. After Jon Gosselin was no longer a part of the show, ratings slid.

This season, TLC said they would pull out all the stops to make Kate Plus 8 a success. Kate Gosselin has also doing a lot lately to promote the show and stay in the news. Lately, Kate Gosselin has been talking a lot about finding a new man - someone that is compatible for her. Including such things as they must "be Superman" in order to be in her life. Is this all about ratings? We will just have to wait and see.


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  1. what happened to her face. it looks like she is going to turn into CatWoman soon. really, she could also pass for a transvestite.

    i could hear her saying in a deep voice, "Do you come her often?"