Sunday, April 24, 2011

Kate Gosselin calls New Zealand a nightmare

Kate Gosselin is not happy with her
recent trip to New Zealand
If you watched some recent episodes of Kate Plus 8, you got to see Kate Gosselin and the children vacationing in New Zealand. Well, that is probably the last time you will see Kate and the children visiting New Zealand.

Kate reportedly called the whole experience a nightmare, mostly due to the paparazzi constantly following and photographing her and the children. When, Kate and the children were visiting the zoo, she wanted the paparazzi removed from the zoo. That didn't happen as she was informed that since they paid admission to the zoo, they could not be made to leave simply because they were taking photos.

Kate also reportedly was not happy with her accommodations at the hotel and lacked any sense of humor. When the zoologist, at the zoo, made a funny comment about "men always being right" Kate gave him a dirty look while the rest of the crowd laughed.

On an episode of Kate Plus 8 she refers to the same zoologist as "Mr. Kiwi Man". Kate couldn't believe she had to endure "the same struggles half-way around the world just like at home", referring to the paparazzi. Kate could always get a real job like Jon Gosselin and that would soon end the paparazzi following her.

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  1. She is probably feeling depressed knowing she might have to work in a hospital and deal with sick peasants again.

    Her and Jon working real jobs again. Kate buying TV dinners for her and the kids, going to the junkyard for parts, clipping coupons, and Ravioli out of the can. Times are tough sister, get used to it.

  2. I don't believe this article for a minute. queen Kate loves the paps. how else would she be in the papers. no one else cares anymore.