Saturday, October 15, 2011

Kate Gosselin is clipping coupons

Kate Gosselin heads back to Nursing Job
Will Kate Gosselin return to nursing. Kate has concerns
about expenses are her show's cancellation.
Kate Gosseliin was spotted recently using coupons for her purchases at Target and Bed Bath & Beyond.

While shopping in Reading, Pa, Kate Gosselin appeared without any security or wearing makeup. Her recent Twitter posts show she is helping her children, all eight of them, with their homework and complaining she will be up all night.

Kate Gosselin admits she was shocked when TLC announced they were cancelling Kate Plus 8 in September. However, Kate believes she will still get another reality show starring the children. As Kate puts it, "There is still much interest in the children and many people still want to see the kids".

Kate continues to deny that she is returning to nursing even after taking refresher courses and renewing her nursing license. Kate did take some jabs in the press about ex Jon Gosselin working a regular job.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Will Kate Gosselin get a real job?

It happens. When a person becomes a reality star and then their star stars to dim.

Kate Gosselin was a star in the reality world with Jon and Kate Plus 8 and then later Kate Plus 8. There was a lot of drama when Kate and Jon Gosselin announced to the world they would be getting a divorce. There was even more drama when that divorce turned ugly. We had Jon saying he didn't want the kids on television, Kate taking Jon to court for child support, Jon trying to find a new reality show, and finally Jon Gosselin saying he had enough.

Jon then went back to private life and found a new job in the construction industry. So, is it now Kate Gosselin's turn to find a new job?

Kate has reportedly renewed her nursing license. She has denied she is going back to nursing. It is common for people to renew their nursing license even if they have no current plans on working in the industry due to how hard it would be to get back if they let it expire.

Kate Gosselin has to be feeling something since her show Kate Plus 8 was cancelled by TLC. However, that hasn't stopped Gosseling from hoping for a new gig in reality television. Kate did shop an idea for the kids to have a show similar to Hannah Montana or Zooey to Disney, but Disney doesn't seem interested.

Kate Gosselin isn't the first reality star to realize her celebrity days are over. How can we forget Heidi and Spencer who once were constant tabloid material and masters of pulling PR stunts to get in the news. They are now bankrupt and living with Spencer's parents.

It would be hard to believe Kate Gosselin may go bankrupt but that nursing license may really help out in the near future.