Saturday, September 22, 2012

Kate Gosselin Hate Tweets After Daughter in High Heels

Kate Gosselin got more than her fair share are posting a photo on Twitter showing her daughter playfully wearing her high heels.

While some people seemed outrages, some also viewed it as what little girls do with their mother's clothing - including high heels.

Kate vows that she won't let the haters get her down.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Kate Gosselin deals with sleepwalking child

Kate showing off her body to People in 2010.
Poor Kate Gosselin. It sure isn't easy raising 8 children as a single mom. Kate took to Twitter last night to inform her followers that daughter Hannah was sleepwalking.

Her tweet was, "It's always endearing 2have a sleepwalker! Hannah just came in my rm w asleep eyes said:'lex is using j & f' Me:hug,'okay honey,go bak2bed.'"

Well, hopefully Kate got some sleep last night.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Kate Gosselin at New York Fashion for Charity

New York Fashion Week

Kate Gosselin
took to the runway last night to help out charity. Kate was reportedly a delight to work with and was not compensated in anyway for doing her part to help out. The actual fashion show Kate strutted down the catwalk was "Real Fashion, Real Women" show.

The show helped benefit BottomLess Closet, which helps disadvantaged women become self-sufficient.

The organizers of the show said their was an immediate backlash on Twitter once it was announced Kate Gosselin would be participating. However, the backlash died down after the organizers informed the complainers that Kate was doing this for charity and did not receive a penny.

By more than one account, The "New Kate Gosselin" is a pleasure to work with and will go out of her way to accommodate those she is working with.

A local radio station, T-102, in Reading, PA remarked how she was very friendly when they last worked with her.

Kate is still shopping a new show idea around to several networks. Her current idea is a reality show where she tries to find true love. No network so far has shown any solid interest.