Friday, March 25, 2011

Kate Gosselin takes kids to dentist

"So, who wants to see the dentist first?"
Yesterday, Kate Gosselin was a hands on mother and took all eight children to the dentist. It's good to see Kate cares about the children's teeth. Did she get to look throught a magazine or two? That isn't known.

What is known is that the children got a passing grade in cavity prevention. I imagine that was one tired dentist after seeing all eight Gosselin children.

Kate wasn't alone though. She had her nannies, the housekeeper, and the bodyguard all along for the ride. She even did a little mini-jog outside the the dentist's office. Why? No one really knows. The nannies saw the children through their oral inspections.

Cameras were there and footage was shot, so this trip will probably be included in an upcoming episode of Kate Plus 8.

 The Berenstain Bears - Visit The Dentist


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  2. 8 kids to work on! Ha ha, that sounds like a lot of work for one dentist. Good job for him and the kids for getting a passing grade in their teeth. It must be pretty hard to teach so many kids about dental care.

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  5. Oh, so all eight kids are cavity-free? It's pretty impressive that Kate is able to take care of her kids' dental needs. The dentist deserves some props as well, since working on eight children in a row makes a pretty busy day at the dental clinic!