Friday, July 20, 2012

Kate Gosselin Ready to Rock N Roll Marathon

This Sunday in Chicago, Kate Gosselin will be running a mini-marathon known as XSport Fitness Rock 'N' Roll Chicago Half Marathon. The run is just over 3 miles and also features bands on stage during the festivities.

Kate Gosselin spoke to the Chicago Tribune over the phone and explained how she got into running about 2 years ago. Running is a great inexpensive workout that also allows her to have time to herself. She doesn't get much "alone time".

When asked how she will prepares or what her prerace traditions are, Kate said, "The night before the race, I eat plain mashed potatoes for that carb load,” she will be running for, a shopping website that hosts a blog she writes. “And the morning of the race, I eat a bagel with cream cheese. It's what I did before San Diego and it worked perfectly.”

She finished the marathon in San Diego in under two hours.

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