Saturday, July 14, 2012

Kate Gosselin Misses Television

Kate Gosselin has been crying
recently from watching old
Jon and Kate Plus 8 episodes.
Kate Gosselin has been tweeting lately about how she and the kids miss being on television.

Kate tweeted recently that she really "enjoyed all the adventures and helping people" when she had her reality show. She might also be missing the lucrative money she made from Kate Plus 8.

Kate informed the world she sat around today watching old shows of Jon and Kate Plus 8. She wasn't just watching the shows but informed all her Twitter followers she was crying "happy and sad tears".

As of now, the only known occupation Kate has is blogging for No one knows exactly what that pays, but it probably doesn't go too far with 8 children.
Her gig with the cruise ship fell through in May due to a lack of interest.

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