Monday, October 12, 2009

Kate Gosselin files for child and spousal support

Kate Gosselin looking for both child support and spousal support.

Celebrity site TMZ reports that Kate Gosselin has files for both child support
and also spousal support from Jon Gosselin. The papers were filed late last week
in Montgomery County Court in Pennsylvania.

Kate Gosselin's lawyer also filed papers trying to get Jon Gosselin to return nearly
$231,000 taken from the couple's money market account.

Jon Gosselin has defended himself by saying the money he withdrew from the account was
10% which would be his salary.

Is Kate Gosselin nearly broke
Kate Gosselin is trying to get Jon to return nearly $231,000 from their money market account.

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  1. Kate is making enough being on TV which is what she likes She should be paying him the money after all he wsa involved in her having the kids She is still the queen on the show which is what she likes how many times do we need to see her get her home organized for free? The rest of us have to go to Walmart and make time in our busy lives without the help from outside