Friday, October 9, 2009

Kate Plus 8 suspends filming due to Jon

TLC announced last Thursday the the filming of Kate Plus 8 was indefinitely suspended after they
received a letter from Jon Gosselin's lawyer barring entry into his Wernersville, PA home.

The letter was received the same day it was announced that Jon Gosselin would no longer be a
full time regular on the show Jon and Kate Plus 8. TLC also announced that the show would now
be called Kate Plus 8.

The new show would prominently feature Kate Gosselin as she struggles
raising 8 children as a single mom.

Some have speculated the Jon Gosselin took this step to be spiteful while Jon maintains that he
doesn't want his children to be on television anymore.

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  1. Being from divorced parents, both adults should start acting like adults, keep your feelings out of the kids hearing distance, this includes talk shows, cuz really in the end it is all about the kids. and when the adults bad mouth each other the kids is the ones that get hurt, they are part of BOTH parents.

  2. It is time for them to step back go back to real jobs and take care of the kids. Let the kids lead a normal life play soccer be cheerleaders and have friends to their house Sorry Kate go back to being a nurse and Jon your computer stuff. Life was simpler for you then Let the kids have a better life I believe Jon The kids are no longer happy being in the worlds eyes Kate is the only one liking it