Friday, November 26, 2010

Kate Gosselin gets a job

Kate has a new job to pay the bills.
The millions made are nearly gone.
Yes. Kate Gosselin just got a new job. No. It's not a nursing job. She is the "special correspondent" for the show "Skating With the Stars". Kate reports for ET or Entertainment Tonight.

Kate Gosseline has recently confided in close friends and family she is worried financially. The millions she has made are nearly gone and she feels the stress. Kate thought she would be making millions more from her shows "Kate Plus8", "Twist of Kate", and endorsements.

While both shows are not canceled, they are not doing well. "Twist of Kate" has yet to find a home on TLC's schedule and is currently being "retooled". The endorsement are not there either. Kate Gosselin believed she would make millions endorsing diapers, strollers, games, and anything related to mothers and small children. That hasn't happened.

Kate Gosselin's latest child related bill is that of paying a private tutor to teach two of the Gosselin children at home.

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  1. If there is any truth to this, the only ones that will miss out are Kate Gosselin's children. It would seem as if they never had the opportunity to even begin to enjoy their star status financially. Thanks for the informative post.