Saturday, November 20, 2010

Kate Plus 8 Gets Dog Back

Welcome back Shoka. Shoka is on the left and returns to the
Gosselin family on the next Kate Plus 8.
In the next episode of Kate Plus 8 one member makes a return. No it isn't Jon Gosselin, it's Shoka the German Shepard.

Shoka was a previous point of tension for Jon and Kate as Jon accused Kate of not properly taking care of the dogs. The two German Shepards were taken back to the breeder and have since been trained. Shoka should now be able to deal with a number of people, kids, and cameras all around.

The next episode doesn't mention anything at all about two of the Gosselin children getting expelled from school recently.

Kate's statement on the children getting expelled is that it's a private family matter and she won't be discussing it with the press or public.