Sunday, November 21, 2010

Kate Gosselin Twist of Kate Not Cancelled

Kate Gosselin's show Twist of Kate is not cancelled as the past weeks of rumors thought. A spokesman from TLC confirmed that neither Gosselin show has been cancelled.

Twist of Kate has yet to debut and and no date has been announced to when it actually will start. What exactly is Twist of Kate? Well, Twist of Kate follows Kate Gosselin around the country as she helps women who were inspired by her own story. What would be the inspiration? How were they inspired?

This varies from here actually having six children at once, to becoming a celebrity mom, being a single mother, or being the business woman she has become today.

TLC first announced Twist of Kate back in April 2010 and episodes have been filmed. TLC has made no announcement as to why the delay in the debut. However, with the success of Sarah Palin's Alaska, they may be holding off to find a better time slot or day of the week.

Humbly, around the time TLC announced the Twist of Kate, Kate was quoted as saying, "I don't consider myself an expert on anything". She went on the say about the show she just wanted to be out there and help others and provide insight where she can.

It was back in April when Kate Gosselin was appearing on Dancing with the Stars and her star was shining. TLC may have wanted to cash in on Kate Gosselin being in the spotlight much more than the past.

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