Friday, November 19, 2010

Jon and Kate Gosselin agree to holidays kids

Kate picking the children up after school in Reading, PA.
Jon and Kate Gosselin have come to an agreement on how the children will spend the Thanksgiving holiday. Kate Gosselin will have the children Thanksgiving day and Jon Gosselin and his girlfriend, Ellen Ross, will have the children the following day.

It has been the first mutual agreement between the divorced couple in a long time. Although, no arrangements have been made for the Christmas holidays a similar agreement seems likely.

Jon Gosselin has reportedly tried to be more amicable to Kate and the children recently. Jon no longer has his New York apartment and currently lives in an apartment in Pennsylvania with new girlfriend Ellen Ross.

He has also taken to his twitter account recently to state his feelings of remorse and feels he has made some mistakes with his divorce and the Gosselin children. Jon says he justs wants to move forward in a positive light and be responsible.

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