Sunday, November 14, 2010

Kate Gosselin to home school children

Two of Kate and Jon Gosselin's children were reportedly expelled from a private school in Pennsylvania. Reportedly, Kate will now home the children. So we have to ask, whose fault is it?

The two children were reportedly expelled for bullying other students. Are the children spoiled? Do they believe they are better than others? More important than others. The thought of Kate Gosselin shows that perhaps Kate believes her children were treated unfairly. While home schooling can have benefits, like most things it also has weaknesses.

Socialization with other children is just as important as academic performance. Pulling the children from private or public schools can have a detrimental effect by the children thinking they can do what they want without consequences. Schools need to be able to discipline children in a responsible manner. Kate believes this is a private matter and won't speak about it. She was overheard telling the children they were embarrassing her.

Does she mean her as a mom or her as a celebrity. With the latest episode of Kate Plus 8 tanking, it's possible Kate maybe sitting at home more often just being a mom. 

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  1. Who cares? Those kids are heading for therapy by the time they are 20. The parents are screwballs. She won't homeschool them she is too stuck on herself. She will get an in home tutor. Just you wait and see. Homeschooling mothers give more of themselves to their children than any other mothers I know. I am a homeschooling mother. I am also homeschooling while dad is deployed so I am single homeschooling mother too. I never get to wear make-up anymore because I don't have time. This woman is stuck on herself. She doesn't have it in her.