Thursday, November 18, 2010

Gosselin kids made to eat week old sandwiches

How true is this story? US Weekly reports that Kate Gosselin makes the kids eat week old sandwiches.

Kate can't stand it when the kids don't finish their packed lunches and repacks the leftovers for the next day.
Jon Gosselin reportedly told the kids that if they lived with him they "wouldn't have to eat rotten food" all week.

While Kate seems to be frugal when it comes to food, sources say she might soon be in a financial crisis due to her lifestyle which includes flying first class and staying in very expensive hotels when travelling.

The ratings for Kate Plus 8 continue to slide. Could we possibly see a few episodes with Jon and Kate again? It could be a possibility.

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  1. it is so sad that Jon who really made this mess bigger than it had to be has involved Ellen Ross in the finally destruction of his kids. What kind of monster is Jon that his hate would destroy these poor innocent little kids. When will Jon and Ellen Ross stop?

  2. Jon might get the annual biggest douche award. hang in there buddy. im pulling for ya.