Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Kate Gosselin talks to Inside Edition

On tonight's episode of Inside Edition, Kate Gosselin sat down and talks about her two children who were reportedly expelled from school.

Kate made it clear the children were not expelled but experiencing anger issues she believes are related to her and Jon Gosselin's divorce. Kate explained the other children are in school and the two with anger issues are being tutored at home.

They are doing exceptionally well she added and they are actually ahead in the current curriculum they are following.

Children due often act out when serious family issues arise such as divorce. Kate and Jon Gosselin have been trying to cooperate better with each other lately. They have amicably come to an agreement about how the children should spend the holidays with each of them.

This news comes on the heels that Kate Gosselin may be having financial difficulties due to overspending and not saving wisely. The last episodes of Kate Plus 8 have not done well in the ratings. TLC was hoping for nearly three times the number of viewers who watched the last two shows. The Kate Plus 8 Alaskan Special was a bomb.

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