Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Nanny had an affair with Jon Gosselin

Jon Gosselin has been in the news recently due to his new girlfriend and also his relationship with a former Star magazine reporter.

Now, a former nanny comes out of the closet to disclose her affair with the father of eight.

Former nanny, Stephanie Santoro, has come forward to tell In Touch Weekly how the affair started.
Santoro comments that John was "very romantic". The affair started when Jon Gosselin called Santoro
one night and told her to come over.

Jon then instructed the nanny to give him a massage and then reciprocated the massage to the former nanny.
Santoro also commented that at one point during the start of their interlude that Jon said "we can kiss just this once". The affair started in the hot tube and concluded in the apartment over the garage.

stephanie santoro and jon gosselin
Jon Gosselin with former nanny Stephanie Santoro

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  1. Jon is one chubby little dude. Oh Well! Looks like he gets more women than I do.

    You go fatboy.