Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Kate Gosselin gets humbled by Whoopi Goldberg

Kate Gosselin, who has been a guest host on The View, was recently humbled by Whoopi Goldberg.

Kate went to the house in Wernersville, PA while Jon Gosselin had custody of their eight children. What ensued can be best described as a mess after police were called. Kate says the reason she was their was because Jon was not using an "approved babysitter". Jon Gosselin was in fact using the nanny that recently
confesses about their affair with Jon saying "Jon wasn't the best, but he wasn't awful either".

Whoopi chastised Kate saying "That's the law. You could have gone to jail". Kate Gosselin commented that
she "shouldn't have done it. I learned my lesson".

Kate Gosselin's appearance has been criticized by some who say she is "intellectually and verbally slow".
This could jeopardize her future chances of cohosting a talk show with all moms including Paula Deen.

You can watch the exchange between Kate Gosselin and Whoopi Goldberg below

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