Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hailey Glassman gets breast implants

Star Magazine reports,"Hailey Glassmen went under the knife for breast surgery on September a bid to regain her reality Romeo's wandering eye."

It is not yet known how drastic the augmentation was, which took place at the Natural Images in Plastic Surgery center in Nyack, NY, only that it left her so sore and disoriented that her parents, Lauren and Dr. Lawrence Glassman, had to help hold her up as she walked out of the center.

Hailey Glassman with Jon Gosselin. Hailey Glassman mugshot
Hailey Glassman with Jon on the left. Hailey Glassman posing for her mugshot on the right.

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  1. Is that for real? I think she's quite young to have her breast augmented. Oh my! People today are crazy about this. But not me. Thanks but no thanks.