Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Jon Gosselin loves Hailey more than Kate

Jon Gosselin, who recently had his interview with ABC, told Chris Cuomo that he loves Hailey Glassman
more than he ever loved his soon to be ex-wife Kate Gosselin.
jon gosselin and hailey glassman

Gosselin says in the interview about Hailey, "I get encouragement from her, I get respect from Kate[Glassman]. Two things that a man needs," he said of of the 22-year--old Glassman, who he still claims he was not involved with before his separation from Kate. "This is someone, I mean, like soulmate — like people joke about that. But I'm not joking about that."
"My heart pounds, I get sweaty — I don't know," he said.

In this interview for ABC's PrimeTime: Family Secrets Jon Gosselin is also asked about the reality show
Divorced Dads Club, which he is reportedly interested in being part of.

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