Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Jon Gosselin feels abused

Jon Gosselin in an interviews with ABC's Good Morning America lashes out at his former wife, Kate Gosselin, accusing her of treating him like a "lame fish". She made him feel like he "wasn't going anywhere in his life".

Jon Gosselin also wants to let the public know that being him isn't easy. "Kate would be off for a week or two at a time, doing book signings, interviews.etc. Then, come back come for a few days and leave again". Jon goes into how he would have to tell the children, "Well, mommy is going away again".

We feel for you John. What do you exactly do for a living?


  1. Well u know what if he would have been the leader of the family from the start i really don't think it would be coming to this....He is trying to change the way everyone thinks about him and i am not buying it....out of all of this he is the one that put up with it and oh now he wants to be treated differently well she should of thought about that along time ago..... and to me he is just jealous because Kate wants to provide for her family the best way she knows...and not to mention HE i dont feel sorry for him...i think he deserves what he gets....

  2. Jon is a big pussy

  3. CONGRATULATIONS JON. I was so happy to hear that you were finally leaving that BITCH. i DO NOT condone physical violence, however, so many times while watchin that show i wanted to smack the shit out of Kate. She begins every sentence with "I". She humiliates you publically,and she wants to control everything and everyone. Kate loves to plan so many events for (the children) then never participates. She tells everyone else how and what to do. Maddy shows signs of becoming just like her mother. That's one nasty little ungrateful child. Just like her mother.

    I read how people are saying "OH, poor Kate, she's the way she is because it's hard raising 8 children and she gets stressed out. BULLSHIT. That does not justify; her not letting him speak, making nasty remarks when he does, yelling demands at him in public and/or asking him to repeat what she says.

    No matter what was going on all Kate did was complaine. When the men from American Choppers were over, she complained that he was sweaty while getting a ride. The bitch even complained and turned her nose up when they gave her the put put. When she took the children to the ranch, she complained about the dirt. Where did she think she was taking those kids. Kate reminds me of a woman who never had it so good and forgets where she came from (trailor).

    Kate: "I" arranged. "I" am stressed. "I" decided. "MY" kids. "I" cooked. "I"want. "I"know. With all those "I"s why does she need Jon. So she could direct him to do everything, while she has a so called melt down. That's how she gets out of having to participate in all the family fuctions "SHE" arranges.

    The kids were learning to swim. She didn't get in the pool. she just overseen everythin. The kids went skiing she stayed in the house to prepare lunch. (packaged). the kids went to the beach, she stayed in the sand. Why is she always complaining ? Jon is the one hands on with the kids.

    Last but certainly not least. Jon is making over the garage. She comes in pretending to let the kids say hello to daddy. He clearly wanted time away from her, so that he could have some male bonding time. Here comes that camara hungry bitch.

    Jon, your a good man. I'm sure you have your falts and issues like everyone. While in your journey, proceed with caution. Continue to date, and realize that some people will be
    with the idea of being with a celebrity. Please know that your children love and need you in thier lives.

  4. Jon tries to blame Kate for making him look like an a**hole, I think he does a good job of that all by himself. Sorry I have no pity for the man.