Thursday, July 28, 2011

Kate Gosselin's Kids Want a Daddy

Is Kate looking to date for the sake of her children? The children have recently voiced their interest in "having a daddy at home". It won't exactly be easy for Kate to find a man looking to help raise 8 children, but Kate believes its possible.

The one thing Kate has become used to is being in charge. She reportedly felt that way even when Jon Gosselin was still married to her. It is her who decides what the children should be doing, what to cook, and scheduling her brood and herself in private life as well as their reality tv world.

While ex Jon Gosselin lives a pretty much private life with his girlfriend, Kate has continued on with her show Kate Plus 8 and well as doing other showbiz related stuff like interviews and shows like Dancing with The Stars.

Kate just recently tweeted that her little girls are big fans of Taylor Swift and they attended a concert. Kate believes Taylor Swift is a great role model for her girls and someone she can really relate to.


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