Saturday, July 16, 2011

Kate Gosselin: Dont Call Me a Bitch

Reality TV star Kate Gosselin recently sat down with Rob Shutter of the The Huffington Post to be interviewed. During the interview, Kate acknowledged that critics may think of her as a "money hungry bitch" but that is not the case.

Kate also said friends of her "can't take it" because of what is said and printed about her. Even though she tells them to ignore and it and don't read it, they still get angry or concerned.

Kate Gosselin wanted to make it clear she is not a bitch, but a "driven, hard working, type A, personality that is a perfectionist." Perhaps, that is where people are mistaking her for a money hungry bitch driven solely by money.

She then goes on that she "loves to meet new people." Also, when they meet her, they change their opinion of her "100% of the time."

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