Thursday, September 29, 2011

Kate Gosselin wants kids to be next Miley Cyrus

Kate Gosselin wants to get back on television badly. With the recent cancellation of Kate Plus 8 on TLC, Kate has been desperately pitching new show ideas to networks.

Her most recent pitch idea was to Disney where the eldest daughter, Mady, would star in a show similar to Hanna Montana. The only problem is that Mady isn't a singer, actress, or dancer. Disney has not responded on commented on the idea, but Disney people reportedly don't want anything to do with Kate or the children.

Kate also has another idea for a show where she is a stage mother and the cameras follow her and the children around as they try to land another show.

Reality television insiders say it will be hard for Kate Gosselin to come up with another show as she has become more irrelevant and the landscape of reality tv is constantly changing.

Well, best of luck Kate. We know having eight kids isn't cheap.

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