Monday, February 22, 2010

Jon Gosselin has a small member

Jon Gosselin may have come up short in his dealings with the media during the past year.
Now it seems he may also be a little inadequate behind the bedroom door.

Kate Gosselin reportedly would joke with friends and family about "how small" Jon was.
She would also reportedly call Jon's equipment "Stubby". Remember, Jon did tell Good Morning
that Kate verbally abused him during their 10 year marriage. She isn't the only one though.

Jon Gosselin with new girl Morgan Christie

According to Hailey Glassman she had no problem telling Jon about his shortcomings. She told him,
"I don't believe you will cheat on me because you are so small". She also added he is "tiny,tiny,tiny".

Glassman also reportedly claimed that Jon was "hung like a 9 year old boy. He is a meager 3 inches.
Anyone who sleeps with him will notice".

Since their breakup in December, Jon Gosselin is dating 25 year old Morgan Christie. No word yet from
Morgan Christie about how hung her man is.

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